What do we do?

Well, that depends.

Let's start with the obvious, which the Parties will eagerly tell you:
  • Donations (to a candidate or party or group or site)
  • Telling your friends and colleagues about sites and candidates you like
  • Phone calls (usually with an organized phone bank for a specific candidate)
  • Distributing printed advertising for a specific candidate

There's also the less-popular battle to True the Vote.

Now let's get to the unusual. Every one of us has skills and talents in something - so what are yours?

Do you work in TV? Film? Radio?
Are you a writer? Photographer? Graphic Designer?
Have you managed a group of people in long-running projects? Do you have an artistic flair? Are you persuasive? Do people follow you? Can you keep a group's leader supplied with exactly the right documents at exactly the right time? All of these are needed in this fight.

A huge part of our problem is that the enemy has subverted the education system and the news and entertainment media, converting millions of impressionable minds to their anti-American way of thinking. We have to fight back the same way, but we shouldn't have to be as subtle. Yes, it will take time. It took them decades to drag us to this; it'll take at least a few years of coordinated, consistent effort to fix it.

These are assorted ideas on how to get our message out. What message you choose to spread is up to you, but be sure to word it carefully. Bigotry and hatefulness never won any friends, and we need to win people over. Rubbing in the pain of being wrong about Certain People isn't particularly helpful either. It's amusing, in a gallows-humor sort of way, but it won't persuade people that you've got the right answer.

Instead, try to inform and educate your hostile audience with evidence that you're trying to persuade them for their own benefit. They've been deceived, and until they understand that, they're going to keep themselves in the liars' traps. Also, don't skimp on graphic designer costs. Having a good message isn't good enough when we're up against the slick media presentations of our adversaries - we need good visuals to go with the good message.

(Do not use my URL without my permission - I don't want to get in trouble for something I didn't do - but I certainly will work with people)
  • Bus advertising
  • TV advertising
  • Billboards
  • Skywriters
  • Novels, TV Shows, and Movies with a conservative world-view
  • Music with a conservative world-view
  • Volunteering with clubs/organizations for boys and girls

I'll update this page with more ideas as I think of them (and as I get the chance).